Fire/Explosions/Burn Injuries

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Burn Injuries/Fatal Fire Injuries/Explosion Injuries

Have you suffered a burn injury as a result of a work-related fire or explosion? Workers in chemical plants, steel mills, and other industrial work centers are often exposed to fire, flammable materials, and the danger of work-related explosions.

If you are a worker in Iowa who has suffered a burn injury as a result of a fire, explosion, exposure to damaging chemicals or other work-related hazard, the experienced workers' compensation team at Fredd J. Haas Law Offices can help.

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From our office in Des Moines, Iowa, our firm represents clients statewide throughout Iowa in workers' compensation and personal injury matters. We also assist clients who have been injured as a result of medical malpractice.

Attorney Fredd J. Haas has more than 35 years of legal experience, including 35 years of experience in personal injury and workers' compensation cases. If you or a family member has suffered a burn injury from a work-related accident, a house fire, an LP tank explosion, or other accident, we encourage you to contact our law office for assistance.

We handle cases involving all accident types ranging from moderate to severe injuries and wrongful death claims. If you have suffered an injury and need experienced legal representation, we encourage you to contact us for assistance.

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