Pedestrian Accidents


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A pedestrian accident case typically involves a person who has been struck by a car, truck, bus or motorcycle while walking on a public road or crossing the street. In some cases, a pedestrian accident may occur as a result of a bicycle or recreational vehicle, including an ATV or scooter.

Most pedestrian accidents involving a car, truck, bus or other motorized vehicle result in serious bodily injury to the victim, given the weight and speed of a motorized vehicle. Contacting a lawyer early after a pedestrian accident is an important step toward the protection of your rights and legal interests.

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Attorney Fredd J. Haas is a strong advocate for the rights of injured people. He has been representing the rights of injured people in personal injury cases for more than 35 years. Throughout his nearly three decades of legal experience, Mr. Haas has always dedicated himself to the pursuit of recovery and justice for the people he serves.

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